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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Movie-ON-demand:::::::::Ek Ajnabee

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Featured Movie :::: Ek Ajnabee
Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Perizaad Zorabian, Vikram Chatwal, Baby Rucha
Directed by Apoorva Lakhia

ust one question hurled across my mind after watching this high-velocity action thriller where the mighty Bachchan rescues a little girl from kidnappers in Bangkok.

Why in the name of heaven and hell is the screenplay credited to Manoj Tyagi and Apoorva Lakhia when the film is almost entirely lifted from Tony Scott's Man On Fire?

That apart, Ek Ajnabee is an above-average adaptation of a clever thriller with a central performance that tears through all cynical reading of celluloid apery.

The awesome Bachchan doesn't walk the talk. He strides through the lines as though to the baritone- born. He hardly speaks. But when he does…by jove! You still cling to the words that slice the stillness.

This is certainly not Bachchan's first strong-and-silent loner's role. What makes this one special is the interweavement of emotion and action. The narrative packs in a punch both ways.

Set in hedonistic Bangkok Gururaj R.J's camera rips across the rhythms of violence to form a beautiful bonding between the sullen bodyguard and his mature little custody. One can't say Baby Rucha plays against the Bachchan as effectively as Ayesha Kapoor in the neo-classic Black. But she gets her expressions and reaction dead-on.

You wish there was more of the unlikely pair's interaction. But the scarcity of their emotional expression serves the narrative's purpose well. Here's a pair that needs more time together. And when the villains whisk the impish scene-stealer from the protagonist's range of vision, all hell breaks loose.

Lakhia captures the heat sweat and violence of a city of the brink without missing the link. Steven Bernard's editing is first-rate, though a little hard on the eye. No shot lasts longer than ten seconds. This creates a perceptional problem. We don't get to recognize any of the characters from the inside.

As a surface look at lives soaked in vinegary danger and crime Ek Ajnabee works fine. The film captures some tender moments between Bachchan and the little girl, but tends to saturate the soundtrack with too many sweaty sinister sounds. Amar Mohile could've gone for a less exacerbated background score.

Whatever the film's follies of friskiness, they're more than compensated for by performances. The narrative has some nice supporting performances, particularly Arjun Rampal who's gone both over and under the skin of his bar-owner ex-army man's role. Not only dowa Rampal look right, he feels right. Perizaad Zorabian as the kidnapped girl's sincere mother is sincere.

But as usual it's the Bachchan who towers above all. His clenched jaws and sad eyes convey aeons of bridled energy.

Watch this film for the Bachchan's ceaseless celluloid strength. Though Lakhia's control over the medium will also surprise you. So what if this is rip off? Better a watchable remake than bad originals like Home Delivery and Neal 'N' Nikki.

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Ek Ajnabee Part-1

Ek Ajnabee Part-2

Ek Ajnabee Part-3

Ek Ajnabee Part-4

Ek Ajnabee Part-5

Ek Ajnabee Part-6

Ek Ajnabee Part-7

Ek Ajnabee Part-8

Ek Ajnabee Part-9


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Featured Movie::Murder

On a wet and windy morning in Bangkok, a forlorn Indian housewife Simran (Mallika Sherawat) in a clinging blue chiffon sari waves frantically for a taxi, drops her shopping bags in the wet chaos, and comes face to face with a sensuous silhouette.

"Come to my apartment for a cuppa?" the smirking stranger tells the housewife. Face mirroring a repressed sexuality and challenged values, she refuses, and then changes her mind...to plunge into a lustful liaison that brings her well-ordered life to a crashing crescendo.

Welcome to the second remake of Adrian Lyne's "Unfaithful" in a week. With a far better cast, production values and music score than last week's "Hawas", "Murder" nips murmurs about exploitative adaptations in the bud.

Where you expect a sleaze-fest, you get a tastefully mounted, deftly cut tale of betrayal and redemption.

In combining body with some soul, director Basu spins a sensuous coiling-recoiling yarn. Though the post-interval half after the housewife's lover is murdered gets a wee too languorous and eager to please, the vice-like grip never falls away from the narrative.

There're some amusing attempts to Indianise the wanton adulteress, make her more acceptable to the Indian middleclass' scrambled sensibility. Hence, borrowing a bit from B.R. Chopra's "Gumrah", the neglected housewife Simran is actually married to her brother-in-law after her sister dies leaving behind a child, and a void in the widower's heart that Simran finds impossible to fill.

In one of the strongest roles written for a woman protagonist in recent times, Mallika Sherawat gets to the heart of her character and creates a woman who's as appealing in her persona as in her acceptance and comfort-level with her sensuality.

In the scenes depicting the housewife's loneliness and in her arguments with her workaholic husband, Mallika is surprisingly equal to the occasion.

Wish the same could be said about her two male co-stars who are just about adequate.

Though a decent actor in "Footpath", Emran Hashmi's hunk act is way out of line here. He seems to have been chosen only because he's an adept kisser. Sure enough his skill in that area is employed generously in the love scenes.

Ashmit Patel in the husband's role is thoroughly miscast. The role required someone world-weary and middle-aged, like Jackie Shroff perhaps.

True to the Bhatt style, there aren't too many supporting characters swamping the central scenario, except Raj Zutsi as the belligerent cop whose interrogation yields a two-toned narration, with both the protagonists owning up to the murder.

It's only when the film begins to get too clever for its own good that the plot loses its cool. The end game, an invention that takes "Murder" away from its source material, is typical of the Bhatts's cinema.

The heightened horror, with a dollop of Hindu mythology whereby the now-repentant wife fights to save her marriage and dignity from the lover's clammy clutches, is the "Raaz" formula rehashed and heated at a titillating temperature.

To the film's credit, the plot is peopled by arresting moments of erotica and emotions. From the windswept opening to the over-the-top climax, Fuwad Khan's camera plays a captivating game of light and shade with the inner and outer locations.

The absence of humbug is largely appreciable, though attempts to make the adulteress sympathetic - for example, Simran very conveniently knows the lover from before marriage - dilute the woman's dilemma.

And yet what remains behind is on the whole, not only worth watching, but at times, a little beyond that.

Anu Malik's music is a big help. "Bheege honth tere" is filmed with the fecund fluidity of a free-flowing erotic painting. Though the background music gets suitably oppressive towards the end, the narrative has a remarkable soundtrack, cleansed of extraneous sounds and yet containing enough incidental noises to indicate a life beyond the immediate words.

Though some of the love scenes go boldly beyond the prescriptions of mainstream eroticism, they are tastefully done.

Most of all, there's Mallika giving to her role the kind of erotic energy and restrained emotionalism that one last saw in Urmila Matondkar in "Rangeela" and missed sorely in Bipasha Basu in "Jism".

Watch the movie now!

Murder 1

Murder 2

Murder 3

murder 4

Murder 5

murder 6

murder 7

murder 8

murder 9

murder 10

xclusive:::::::The making of Friends

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer star in this hit comedy about six close-knit young friends living in New York City.

Beginning its ninth season as the leadoff series on NBC’s enormously popular “Must See TV” Thursday-night lineup, “Friends” continues to garner critical acclaim and ratings success. The show reigns as the number-one show on television.

Since its debut season (1994-95), “Friends” has received 44 Emmy Award nominations, including five for Outstanding Comedy Series. The cast won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1996 for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Series and has been nominated four times (1996, 1997, 1998, 2002) for a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy. “Friends” won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy Series in its first season, and has since won three more times as Favorite Comedy Series.

The series focuses on the friendship of three men and three women who frequently gather at each other’s apartments and share sofa space at Greenwich Village’s “Central Perk” coffeehouse. Monica (Cox Arquette) is a chef with an obsession for neatness and order in her life. She is also married to Chandler (Perry), a dry wit who is never at a loss for words. Across the hall is Chandler’s longtime roommate Joey (LeBlanc), a womanizing actor currently on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

Across the alley from Monica and Chandler is Monica’s hapless brother Ross (Schwimmer), a paleontology professor who has been divorced three times, including once from Rachel (Aniston), Monica’s best friend from high school. Although Rachel is no longer romantically involved with Ross, she currently shares his apartment where they are raising their newborn daughter, Emma. Rounding out the circle of friends is Monica’s ex-roommate, Phoebe Buffay (Kudrow), an offbeat, eternally optimistic folk singer and massage therapist.

The series was created by the writing team of Marta Kauffman & David Crane. Emmy and CableACE Award-winning producer Kevin S. Bright is executive producer with Kauffman and Crane. Scott Silveri, Shana Goldberg-Meehan, Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen also serve as executive producers. “Friends” is a Bright/Kauffman/Crane Production in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Catch the making of "friends on video" now

Monday, January 09, 2006


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Featured Movie::Bluffmaster

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar, Riteish Deshmukh, Boman Irani, Tinu Anand, Sanjay Mishra
Directed by Rohan Sippy
Rating: **

You know you are being taken for a ride. You know it's all a masterly make-believe. But the packaging and presentation are so intriguing, the efforts to take Hindi cinema away from the rhythms of a routine narration are so pronounced, you smile at the sheer novelty of this satirical stress-buster.

Bluff Master is cinema without punctuation marks. You cannot but marvel at second-time director Rohan Sippy command over the language of cockiness.

Bluff Master is an extremely cocky film. It's sly and slender in its purpose, but wise and hefty in the methods it adopts to achieve that purpose. The narration frog-leaps from unrelieved farce to passages of subtle maudlinism. Abhishek's thoughtful elegant performance helps the director makes those leaps without mishap.

He takes you from postures of stealth and coolth to a man who has just got to know he's going to die.

No hysterical hi-jinks for our hero, this time. When the freaked-out doctor Boman Irani reminds him of his approaching death, Abhishek, playing the title role in a titillating celebration of satire and cerebration, goes into a retro-shell.

You wish the film had clung to that emotional core, explored the underbelly of mortality through Abhishek's marvelous expressions of tragic inevitability—watch him in that sequence where he catches his betrayed and hurt girl Simi (Priyanka Chopra) at her door to confess he's dying.

She sniggers. He smiles knowingly….Or that well-crafted sequence in a shopping mall where after hearing him confess that he loves her, she catches him lying for the umpteenth time….these are moments that could have defined the hero's duplicitous character in sensitive splendour.

But the film isn't about the rude awakening of a desensitized consciemce. It's about… what ???

That's the question. There's a core of humanism at the tale's most basic level. Writer Sridhar Raghavan skims over the core issues(for instance commitment phobia in urban lifestyles, materialism versus spiritualism, the working-girl's crisis of dignity). Cutting through the chase Raghavan's rocking and rolling screenplay goes straight for the kill.

No one really dies in Bluff Master, not the 'dying' hero, not his blasé conscience, and certainly not our interest level which Sippy keeps alive through his extravagantly syncopated narration.

Besides the sheer velocity of Abhishek's emotive faculties one of the joys of watching Bluff Master is to see Mumbai's crowded craggy scruffy bylanes….the trashy underbelly has been captured on Himman Dhamija's camera with urgent and anxious fastidiousness.

Here's a film that respects its ambience without glorifying it. The same goes for its characters who are caught in postures of pantomine, not always convincing.

Nana Patekar's over-the-top villainy is a case in point. He's uncouth character is outrageously narcissistic , and incredibly cartoonish.

Some of the best lines go to Patekar. Imagine, he sits with a floozie on his lap and drawls, "I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy. To me, a laptop is still what it used to be."

And then at the climax on-top of a windswept building when Abhishek embraces his sweetheart for what he thinks to be the last time, Patekar interrupts, "That's the problem with you youngsters. You start anywhere not caring about the people around you."

Tongue-in-chic, ultra-cool and nobody's fool, Bluff Master achieves that strange synthesis of spoof and caper which our audiences are not quite prepared for. You can't fault the director's sense of timing because he has none.

One minute his hero is crying with his partner about that devil of a thing called death…the next minute he's caught in a crazy pillow fight with doctor Boman Irani.

The all-encompassing satire leaves you neither warm not cold. It leaves you untouched. The tumble of gags are smart and sassy. But they are also symptomatic of commercial Hindi cinema's mid-life crisis. We all know we want a change. But we don't know where to go.

"Sometimes you can tell a film by its trailer," Patekar tells us.

"Then don't buy the ticket," retorts Abhishek.

Don't listen to him. Go see this film for its insouciant take on life and laughs, and for Abhishek's controlled performance , his eyes providing a window to a soul that the film lacks. Riteish Deshmukh as his sidekick shows how dependable a support-system he has become. Priyanka Chopra has little to do. But she does it with eye-catching aplomb.

Watch the Movie now!

Bluffmaster --- Part1

Bluffmaster --- Part2

Bluffmaster --- Part3

Bluffmaster --- Part4

Bluffmaster --- Part5

Bluffmaster --- Part6

Bluffmaster --- Part7

Bluffmaster --- Part8

Bluffmaster --- Part9

Bluffmaster --- Part10

Fully Faltoo::::::::::::Promise that you will all smile

Hacked 4 the Week :::::::::: Mr.Bean

Since his first appearance in 1989, Mr Bean has achieved a massive following around the world - he's now recognised as the most popular British comedy export since Benny Hill - with some people even thinking of him as a sex symbol.

His visual humour and elaborate sight gags transcend linguistic frontiers, and have earned comparisons with the great silent movie star Buster Keaton - although apparently his character was based on the work of French comic genius Jacques Tati. And now he's making a movie: accompanied by his beloved Teddy he's off to L.A. to cause a whole feature film's worth of mayhem in "Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie".

Mr. Bean in the hotel

Mr. Bean high dive

Mr. Bean is late

Mr Beans At The Hospital

xclusive:::::::The Making of Apple

The Making of the APPLE!
Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs had been friends in high school. They had both been interested in electronics, and both had been perceived as outsiders. They kept in touch after graduation, and both ended up dropping out of school and getting jobs working for companies in Silicon Valley. (Woz for Hewlett-Packard, Jobs for Atari)

Wozniak had been dabbling in computer-design for some time when, in 1976, he designed what would become the Apple I. Jobs, who had an eye for the future, insisted that he and Wozniak try to sell the machine, and on April 1, 1976, Apple Computer was born.
Hobbyists did not take the Apple I very seriously, and Apple did not begin to take off until 1977, when the Apple II debuted at a local computer trade show. The first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics, the Apple II was an impressive machine. Orders for Apple machines were multiplied by several times after its introduction. And with the introduction in early '78 of the Apple Disk II, the most inexpensive, easy to use floppy drive ever (at the time), Apple sales further increased.
With the increase in sales, however, came an increase in company size, and by 1980, when the Apple III was released, Apple had several thousand employees, and was beginning to sell computers abroad. Apple had taken on a number of more experienced mid-level managers and, more importantly, several new investors, who opted to take seats on the board of directors. Older, more conservative men, the new directors made sure that Apple became a "real company," much to the dismay of many of its original employees.
In 1981, things got a bit more difficult. A saturated market made it more difficult to sell computers, and in February. Apple was forced to lay off 40 employees. Wozniak was injured in a plane crash. He took a leave of absence and returned only briefly. Jobs became chairman of Apple computer in March.
Following the historic visit to Xerox PARC in 1979, Jobs and several other engineers began to develop the Lisa, which would redefine personal computing. Jobs, however, proved to be a poor project manager, and was taken off the Lisa by Mike Markkula, then president of Apple, and one of the major stockholders. Jobs, who owned only 11% of Apple, decided to take over someone else's project, and began working with the Macintosh--which had started as a $500 personal computer. Jobs made sure it was much more.
In 1981, IBM released its first PC. With the power of Big Blue behind it, the PC quickly began to dominate the playing field. Jobs' team would have to work very quickly if they hoped to compete with IBM in the personal computer market. Jobs began to realize that Apple would have to become a "grown-up" company, and realized he was not the man for the job.
In early 1983, Jobs began to court John Sculley, then president of Pepsi-Cola. In April, he was successful, and Sculley became president and CEO of Apple. Jobs believed Sculley would help Apple "grow up," but had no idea how right he would turn out to be. Eventually, it cost him his job.
Although a successful businessman, it soon became clear that Sculley did not know much about the computer industry. He and Jobs were at odds almost immediately. As the announcement of the Macintosh drew closer, Jobs went into hyperdrive. He worked hard to get developers to write programs for the upcoming machine--Jobs had realized that the Mac would ultimately be made or broken by the software industry.
On January 22nd, 1984, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Apple aired its infamous 60 second commercial (13.4 MB) introducing the Macintosh. Directed by Ridley Scott, the Orwellian scene depicted the IBM world being shattered by a new machine. Initially, the Mac sold very well, but by Christmas of 1984, people were becoming fed up with its small amount of RAM, and lack of hard drive connectivity.

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Fully Faltoo::::::::::::The History of Bollywood

The History of Bollywood

Sunday, January 08, 2006

xclusive:::::::Microsoft Windows Vista Review

After several years of waiting to see the successor to Windows XP, code-named Longhorn, we've finally gotten our hands on Beta 1 of what now will be called Windows Vista.

This version, aimed at developers and IT shops, lacks many features that the final Windows Vista, still over a year away, will have. But it has all the basic foundations of the OS and displays Microsoft's new emphasis on making a system that will be more stable and secure, as well as giving users greater clarity as regards their files. This "clear vision" is what Microsoft says is reflected in the Vista name.

The early version of Beta 1 we tested shows a focus on the basic structure of the operating system—in particular, a lot of changes to the things that users don't think about that often but that turn out to be very important. When Chris Jones, VP of the Windows Client team at Microsoft, discusses the team's goals, he talks first about efficiency and reducing the number of defects; then about increasing the "confidence" people have in their PCs (including better security); and lastly about improvements to user experiences, such as changes to the user interface.

These goals are evident in Beta 1. The device driver model has been reengineered for increased simplicity and security, so hardware that takes advantage of it should be more stable. (You'll still be able to run XP devices for compatibility, though).

Privileges—or which programs, services, and users get to do what—have been rethought. You'll see a big push toward User Account Protection, meaning that users normally won't run with Administrator privileges—or need to. In fact, administrators will also run with limited privileges most of the time. In addition, Microsoft promises, Internet Explorer 7 in Vista will run in an even more locked-down state, although that feature of IE isn't in Beta 1. All these things mean that spyware will no longer find such easy entry.

The overall goal here is an environment that offers better security and has fewer reboots, crashes, and hangs. It's too early to know how successful these initiatives will be—no OS is completely secure—but they clearly show an evolution in priorities from Windows XP.

On top of this deep change are new features that are much more visible to users. The OS has a new Search panel that can—quickly, finally!—search files by author, date, keyword, file types, text within, or other kinds of metadata. Of course, there are plenty of search utilities, but the goal here is to make the Search panel of the operating system accessible by any application. And some innovations, such as "virtual folders," could change the way we organize our information.

The full user interface isn't finished, but Beta 1 shows the "Aero" interface, which looks more modern than the traditional XP interface and takes advantage of the new "Avalon" graphics. Among the cool new options here is one that lets you see your documents stacked together and to see thumbnails of your documents. PCs that have the appropriate graphics hardware will gain visual effects that simplify use; many of these involve transparent icons in a system known as "Glass."

Internet Explorer 7 (also to be available for XP) is improved, with tabbed browsing, RSS tools, and a new display engine. Several other enhancements to IE 7, such as antiphishing tools, are expected later.

Other new elements in the OS include mainstream support for 64-bit computing (though we tested the 32-bit version), a number of new connectivity and mobility options, and tools designed to help large organizations deploy and manage Vista with greater ease.

It's too early to see how Vista measures up against competitive operating systems, but a lot of the more visible features are familiar. Apple's Mac OS X "Tiger" already has many 3D visual effects and a search interface, Spotlight. Unix has had usable limited-rights accounts for years. But Vista's biggest competitor probably isn't any of these—it's previous versions of Windows. Microsoft needs to make these features more mainstream and make them attractive to developers, while still retaining compatibility with previous versions.

At present, many of the new user "experiences" are absent, awaiting Beta 2. These include a new Windows Media Player, new photo-management features, updates to the Media Center and Tablet PC software, and a lot of the final visual look. Beta 2 is expected around the beginning of next year and will likely be available to a broader group of users. Windows Vista is expected to ship in the second half of next year, and there's clearly a lot of work that needs to be done between now and then.


'Hey, that's no fair! I wanted to steal the TV set!'"
"No, Steve, I think it's more like we both have a richneighbor named Xerox, and you broke in to steal the TV set,and you found out I'd been there first, and you said, 'Hey, that's no fair! I wanted to steal the TV set!'"-- Bill Gates, responding to Steve Jobs' accusation that Microsoft stole Apple's GUI for Windows

Meanwhile get a glimpse of the Microsoft history here

Play Video--->

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Koffee with karan::::::::Kareena & Rani

Koffee with karan -Kareena & Rani

The Karan Johars much hyped up Koffee with Karan showcased what a shrewd mind all filmi people have. There were pleasantries and there was reality, which was no one is anyone?s friend here, not the least of the ones which you say are your?s. Rani and Karan are supposedly the best friend but that does not explain why he inserts a whole dose of talk centered on Preity Zinta in the show, even going as far as having Preity judging her relationships with both Rani and Kareena for a full 5 minutes. Why for instance, was Bipasha Basu or Aishwarya Rai or Amisha Patel not interviewed? Was it a

manner of telling, who?s place is where and you better follow my dictates or else? It also tells how ruthless a mind Karan is, he paraded an entire fraternity of filmi heroines and heroes in this show to tell how powerful he is in present Bollywood.

The show by its very nature is vacuous and hollow. Beneath the ooh and aah?s there is pretty much nothing else. But the oohs and aah?s also provide a glimpse in filmi politics. Rani continuously reminded Karan that she is his friend and Karan would immediately oblige with ooh so Simish soundbytes, ?I know Darling.? While it seemed like Rani and Karan were on a certain bandwidth, Kareena behaved as if she was obliging them both by coming on the show. But she later made up for it by saying ?When I lost Kal Ho Na Ho I thought I had lost a friend forever.? Bebo looked a bit mature but that?s about it, a bit. She simply did not court any controversy.

Rani on the other hand was more categorical, ?Preity has an opinion about everything, she should learn to speak a little less.? Ahaan and that after Preity had lavished Rani with the best praise possible, ?Rani is the best actress of our generation?, she had said. Rani had something for Karan too apart from her usual ?Karan and I will get married someday.? ?Karan when you did not come with the role of Kal Ho Na Ho for me, I went and cried in front of Amir Khan.? Blah Blah Blah.

And Karan said sorry for the same but stopped short of saying that you would star in my next movie. And then came her most famous declaration ever, ?I was attracted to Shah Rukh Khan.? If it were for only this, Rani had goofed up badly but she also balanced in rest of the talk on more political lines although she certainly looked a bit uneasy in front of Kareena who behaved like she was a superstar and Rani just any other actress who needed to be grateful to her for being who she is.

The most controversial thing she said was ?Yes Shahid is very special person in my life.? Infact she went ahead and called Preity a very good actress who did a fabulous job in Kal Ho Naa Ho and deserved all the awards for it. She also said next time she would be courteous with her as she is her senior. Now is this Kareena or what? By the way Kareena?s a*s*s was a one compliment hugging thing from all her male co-stars and looks like Shahid has landed himself in a special soup :p.

Overall the show sailed just because like his movies, Karan packed in enough masala in 45 minutes including support cast from Preity, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Manish Malhotra, Uday Chopra, Khalid Mohammad and one sorely missed Shah Rukh Khan. Nice show, even better packaging and one full hour of nice TV programming, can we call this reality Television?

Some Soundbytes:
1. From Rani Mukherjee:
I am attracted to Shah Rukh Khan
Preity should learn to talk a little less and not have opinion on everything.
I went and cried on Amir?s shoulders after you denied me a role in Kal Ho Na Ho
2. Kareena Kapoor:
Preity is my senior and if she has a problem I will try and rectify it.
Yes I am seeing Shahid day in and night out.
Rani has Yash Chopra which I don?t have.

Some other things:
1. What would you say to Mallika Shehrawat?
a. Nothing (Kareena)
2. I make the best couple with Amir Khan (Rani)
3. Year 2005 would be mine year since I am doing some great films and my role in all the films is great too. (Rani)
4. Year 2005 would be could not care less (Kareena)
5. SRK, Salman, Amir, Saif (order of preference ? Rani)
6. Both actresses picked Abhishek over Hrithik Roshan
7. Aishwarya has a problem with me (Rani)

Koffee with karan::::::::Kajol, SRK & Amithabh Bachan

xclusive::::::Behind the scenes of KHNH

This is where you see the true relationship of SRK & Kajol. They're adorable!! And their scene only takes about 4 or 5 takes, if not, I don't care, I don't count.

xclusive:::::::IIFA Awards

IIFA Awards Amsterdam - Lara Dutta, Esha Deol, Malaika Arora Khan performing

Mix Masala ::::::::::Yodha

A remix of the song Padakaali from malayalam film Yodha

Mix Masala ::::::::::Udayan anu tharam

A remix video with Mohanlal and Meena remembering the good old times.

Fully Faltoo::::::::::::Dhoom in Malayalam

To all fans out there, catchus TV brings you for the first time, the malayalam dubbed version of dhoooom.......Enjoy!


Remember Ace of Base? Thats right.... it's 1993 all over again! But this time we have a new twist with the thoroughly modern Aish.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Xclusive::::::::::Salman Khan

IIFA Awards 2005 - Salman Khan

After an action packed weekend, the spectacular Samsung IIFA Awards Amsterdam were held at the Amsterdam ArenA as the biggest stars of Indian cinema performed for an audience of over 10,000 fans from across the world.

Nostalgia and superstardom created a heady combination as the charismatic superstar -Shahrukh Khan compered the spectacular awards ceremony, with Karan Johar and Fardeen Khan.

Watch Salman perfoming at the IIFA awards.

Play Video-->

Koffee with karan::::::::

Lara & Bipash Basu

Two of the industry's hottest women, Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta get together on the show. The beauties stump Johar with their rather bold replies in the true spirit of the show. "Bipasha…what is the raaz of your jism?” begins Johar, setting the stage for an intimate discussion on life, love and Bollywood. On being asked about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Dino, and current boyfriend John Abraham, Basu candidly discusses the details of her love. Lara isn't spared either and is grilled by Johar on her alleged link-ups with John Abraham and the ace golfer Tiger Woods. Johar, at his inquisitive best, probes them to talk about Amisha Patel, who has made many a nasty comment about these model-turned-actresses. There are some stark disclosures, blunt comments and some interesting gossip from the two beauties! The rapid fire round is a tangy mix of personal and professional 'googlies'! The men in the ladies' life - John Abraham and Kelly Dorjee will also be seen talking about their respective girlfriends. Catch the hot kittens sizzle now!

Play Video

Xclusive::::::::::The making of the film JAAN-E-MAN

The Manking of the film JAAN-E-MAN

Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Cast : Akshay Kumar Salman Khan Preity Zinta
Directed by : Shirish Kunder
Produced by : Sajid Nadiadwala

The high point of this flick is not only its protagonist – Salman Khan – but also director Shirish Kunder. This is Shirish’s directorial debut. With wife Farah Khan having scored well in her directorial venture Main Hoon Na..., hubby Shirish we guess will be putting his best foot forward and aiming for similar success at the BO.

Play Video->

Late night w/Conan O'Brien::::Callcentre Skit

Now you know why hate the BPO industry!

Most Amazing Commericals::::::Blaupunkt



Windies vs Aus Guyana

Windies 1991 Sabina 3

WI vs Aus 1991 sabina 2

WI vs Aus 1991


My Dil goes....

Kissing scenes in Bollywood films are slowly becoming the norm despite the disapproval of the masses in India. Up until the late 90s, kissing, in fact all sexual activity, was always implied rather than shown.
But more recently films, including 'Khawaish', that had a record umber of 17 ‘snogs’, caused scandal with many protesters demanding it be banned for its ‘vulgarity’.
The film didn't do too well, although it didn't hinder the career of lead actress Malaika Sherawat, who went on to become a sex siren.
However such scenes are still too risky for Bollywood's best, including Shah Rukh Khan, as they feel they will damage their careers, however, other stars including Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta are breaking the mould.
They recently paired up in 'Salaam Namaste', which included two full-on kissing scenes between the stars.

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Box office:::::::Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti Movie trailor

After fighting for his country in Mangal Pandey, Aamir Khan is all set to star in Rakeysh Mehra's film Rang De Basanti as a Delhi University student. During the shoot, everyone thought that this was another period drama from Aamir Khan mainly because of it's title and the Mangal Pandey hangover. But that isn't true.

So what exactly is the film about?

A young idealistic English Film-maker Sue (Alice Patten) comes to India to make a documentary drama on Bhagat Singh and his contemporaries during the freedom struggle. After failing to gather funds for the film, she decides to recruit student from the Delhi University.

She finds DJ (Aamir Khan), an ex-student who passed out five years back but still wants to be a part of the University because he doesn't think there's too much out there in the world out there to look forward to. Aslam (Kunal Kapoor) is a middle class Muslim boy who lives in the bylanes near Jama Masjid and is poet, philosopher and guide to his friends. Sukhi (Sharman Joshi) is the group's baby, vulnerable and has a weakness for only women. Laxman Pandey (Atul Kulkarni) is the fundamentalist in the group and Sonia (Soha Ali Khan) who is a tomboy and vivacious is engaged to Ajay (Madhavan) - a pilot.

Sue's film makes DJ and his friends stop and stare at themselves for being the actual descendants of these great men and never recognizing and celebrating their courage and spirit. That is where the story of Rang De Basanti begins…

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Just In:::::::Aksar

Jhalak Dikhlaja from Aksar

Aksar' has five unique songs with an astonishing 12 tracks in total, which means number of remixes for most of the songs. And is anyone complaining? Certainly not! Himesh Reshammiya fans get to hear his voice for all the three versions of the song 'Jhalak Dikhlaja'. The track appears first as the original version followed by a 'Remix' and an 'Unplugged' version.

SUPERHIT - that's how one describes the prospects of the opening track 'Jhalak Dikhlaja' that has a unique nasal effect given to it by Reshammiya, which makes it quite enjoyable and entertaining. Neither is it a dance number nor a conventional sufi track or a typical love song but its a perfect combination of rhythm, melody and musical arrangements that make it highly catchy and hence a kind of number that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Reshammiya, Sameer and Hashmi can easily count this track as yet another popular song that should rock the country for the next few months to come! Expect cheers all over the auditorium, especially in single screen theatres, when this song is played.

It’s simply amazing the way tempo builds up for the remix version of 'Jhalak'. The pace of the song remains same but the musical instruments that accompany the lyrics and fill in the spaces make it a perfect contender for a promotional music video to be created for it. At the end of the album comes the 'Unplugged' version that has Reshammiya holding the center stage as a singer with just 3-4 instruments playing in the background. Look out for the 'tabla' that plays out throughout, which makes the song further spicy. All the three versions keep you engaged with not a single moment of overkill or boredom.

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Just In:::::::Kaliyug

adat remix from Kaliyug

Bhatts have a reputation of coming up with good music [OK, so we are ready to ignore 'Nazar']. Also they are know to be impressed and inspired by Pakistani pop. With 'Kalyug', they re-emphasize on this fact with music that prominently belongs to this genre. Starring Kunal Khemu, Deepal Shaw, Smiley Suri and Amrita Singh along with Emraan Hashmi in a special appearance, 'Kalyug' is directed by Mohit Suri who came up with 'Zeher' early this year.

1) Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye [Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, music: Faisal Rafi, Rohail Hyat, lyrics: Asim Raza]

Remember the songs from Pooja Bhatt's 'Paap'? You get the same subtle'n'romantic feeling of love once again with skillfully handled 'Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye' that vies for your attention from the very first note. The song reminds you instantaneously of the Paki-pop style and you just can't help but admire its melody. A smooth sailing number that also appears for the second time as 'Tujhe Dekh Dekh', it can be played a number of times in a repeat mode without once feeling stressed. That's the reason why it marks a quality beginning of the album.

2) Aadat [Singer: Atif, music: Goher Mumtaz [Jal The Band], lyrics: Goher Mumtaz]

Best track of the album that has ironically been heard before, once in an original Pakistani-pop version and the second time in an 'inspired' Pritam version 'Zehreeli Raatein' [Chocolate], 'Aadat' appears thrice. Undoubtedly, this is THE track that stays with you even when 'Kalyug' is over. A much slower version than 'Zehreeli Raatein', 'Aadat' has been licensed from its original source. Extremely well worded with a distinct style of music and rendition, it is an all-male show so far for 'Kalyug'.

Now one looks forward to at least one of the three versions to appear either in the movie or as a part of the movie's promotional campaign as it is too good a song to be left out on the editing table. While the first version is rearranged by Mithun Sharma, the remix version [which is obviously much faster] is done by DJ Suketu.

3) Dheere Dheere [Singer: Alisha Chinoy, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

If the makers thought that they have yet another 'Dil Ko Hazaar Baar' [Murder] in hand, then that doesn't turn out to be the case with 'Dheere Dheere'. The song that appears to be the one that would be picturised on Deepal Shaw (due to the role of a porn star that she plays in the movie), it tries to be seductive with shade of intrigue but at maximum turns out to be plain average. This is not an 'item track' that Deepal could add to her successful list of music videos

4) Thi Meri Dastan [Singer: Anuradha Paudwal, Amit Sana, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

This is a song that has a Bhatt-Anu Malik stamp on it from the very beginning. Rich in lyrics and superb in melody, 'Thi Meri Dastaan' may not be everyone's idea of a HIT popular number or something that you may want to hum along on you way, but its sheer melody makes it worth a hear again and again. Experienced singing of Anuradha Paudwal along with a fine debut of Amit Sana in the world of playback singing give Anu Malik something to cheer about in this album that primarily belongs to artistes from the neighboring country. A good song.

5) Ye Pal [Singer: Nazam Sheraz, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

Nazam Sheraz sings a rather-run-of-the-mill rhythmic track 'Ye Pal' that doesn't work inspite of all its attempts at being cool and hep. The attitude seems to be forced while relevance of a 'single moment' in life is enforced in practically every line of the song. Still, it just doesn't work and would go down as one of the most hurried and forgettable piece of music by Anu Malik.

A passable album with a few good tunes and some very average tracks, 'Kalyug' is better than 'Nazar' but nowhere near to music from Bhatt's recent flicks like 'Zeher' or 'Murder'. Hear it for 'Aadat' and 'Jiya Dhadak Dhadak'!

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Top Hits::::::Hindi

Ek Ajnabee from Ek Ajnabee

So there's this guy. He is anti-life. But then he meets this picture perfect couple and their peachy daughter. Seeds of positive changes are sown in his resentful existence. Uh oh! Bad goons nab candyfloss kiddo leaving Mum 'n' Dad in a state of paranoia. Brooding stranger swears vengeance!

Without beating around the bush any further, let's just say Ek Ajnabee appears to draw visible inspiration from the Denzel Washington-Dakota Fanning thriller, Man On Fire.

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia (Mumbai Se Aayaa Mera Dost), Ek Ajnabee, which by the way looks utterly snazzy on promo, features Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Perizaad Zorabian, Vikram Chatwal and Rucha Vaidya.

While Amar Mohile is in charge of the album, the rocking duo of guest composers Vishal-Shekhar pitches in to showcase their talent in the high-voltage, dizzy, riveting title track, Ek Ajnabee (Mama told me). Chunks of Arabic origin, slices of alternative rap and bits of desi beats make Ek Ajnabee an unconventional recipe for the conventional palate. Delectable, nevertheless.

Kailash Kher's rustic rendition of Barf khushi hai struggles to rise above the elite, alas bleak, tunes of the film. Kunal Ganjawala gets into his characteristic Tra la la element breezing effortlessly through the gingery Tere liye.

A still from Ek AjnabeeBlast! There is nothing tra la laish about Ganjawala's sinister rendition of They don't know. Mostly blasphemous in mood, cuss and not melody is the USP of this wickedly cynical rant/rap! Picturised on Sanjay Dutt, in a special appearance, this one promises to kick some serious butt on screen. If you are the type who enjoys nuisance in the name of music, you need not resist its feverish trance mix titled Blast u between ur eyes.

K K and Sunidhi Chauhan sleepwalk through the ticking beats of the animated Punjabi ditty, Soniye. It's yet another Punjab goes to London enterprise. Not saucy enough to be highlighted, though. It has a Mix'n'Match version too. And how would that be? Throw in a dash of Usher's Yeah, simple.

If ripping off liberally from Prodigy, Paul Oakenfold and Moby weren't enough, music director Mohile brazenly lifts the theme song of The Mask of Zorro -- I want to spend my lifetime loving you --performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. Hear the instrumental, Stranger on the prowl, and you will know what I mean. As an aside, Anthony played a key role in Man On Fire as well.

The soundtrack of Ek Ajnabee tries very hard to make a style statement. And that's where it falters, in trying too hard.

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Top Hits::::::Tamil

sutrum vizhi from Gajini starring Surya and Asin

Splash ::::::::Jennifer Aniston on Regis and Kelly

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she wouldn’t change a thing about her traumatic 2005.

Despite being divorced from Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie, being tabloid fodder and starring in a number of critically panned films Ms Aniston is very happy.

Speaking to Heat magazine she said: "This was a great year for me. I wouldn't change a lick of it."

"It's been the best of times and the worst of times. It's been quite a year, but I wouldn't change anything or trade it in for anything. I wouldn't be sitting here and feeling how I'm feeling."

"I wouldn't trade in an ounce of anything that has happened to me from the time I was burned up until now."

"I'm certainly no poster child for anything, and I hate that kind of thinking. It's almost a little bit embarrassing, because what I'm going through happens every day to people all over and, like I've said before, this is nothing compared with the men and women who are losing their children in a war or losing their home to a natural disaster."

At least one celebrity has her head screwed on right…

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NDTV 24/7:::::::::Aamir Khan

MUMBAI: It might be touted as the wedding of the year but if you’re expecting trumpets and OTT extravaganzas at the Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao nuptials, then think again.

Khan is keeping the celebrations in tandem with his understated ways. The couple has opted for a civil marriage on December 28 to be followed by a very private and low-key three-day party at Panchgani.

“It’s more of a New Year’s party than a wedding bash. There is a small wedding reception on December 29 at Hotel Il Palazzo. The next two days will be more like a weekend party to usher in the New Year,” says a close friend of Khan.

Rao is personally looking after the arrangements. The wedding party on December 29 will have a Qawwali and Sufi poetry session.

“Kiran has invited her friends from Sophia’s and Jamia Millia. Her entire family will be present throughout the weekend,” discloses a member of the Rao family. The Raos have arranged for a lavish wedding reception on January 2 in Bangalore.

Invitations to Khan’s close friends for the Panchgani getaway are being sent via SMS. Ashutosh Gowariker, Rani Mukerji, Bobby Bedi, Kunal Kapoor, Raj Zutshi, Ketan and Deepa Mehta, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and Baba and Tanvi Azmi will represent Bollywood.

Khan has deliberately kept it a low-key affair. “You’ve to understand that Aamir is a very private man. This is his second marriage and he doesn’t want to be insensitive to his ex-wife Reena and kids, Junaid and Ira,” says another close Khan aide. Incidentally, Khan’s children will be present in Panchgani.

Post the wedding, Khan will take a small break, after which he will be busy with his next release Rang De Basanti.


Most Amazing Commericals

Perhaps u might be thinking, what's amazing about this commercial...well the ad jingle is being taken from the 1984 Glenn Mediero Classic "Nothing Gonna Change My love", which is one of my favourite albums since my childhood.

The Monte Carlo Ad was released in the late 90's and i agree that the videos made the ad a real horror.....Now if any one has a copy of the "Nothing gonna change my love" video pls share it with me.

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Aishwarya Rai, Coffee with Karan Pt. #6

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conversation between shahrukh and amitabh on karan johars talk show

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Koffee with Karan -SRK, Amitabh, kajol

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Ash in "The Oprah Winfrey Show"