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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hacked 4 the Week :::::::::: Mr.Bean

Since his first appearance in 1989, Mr Bean has achieved a massive following around the world - he's now recognised as the most popular British comedy export since Benny Hill - with some people even thinking of him as a sex symbol.

His visual humour and elaborate sight gags transcend linguistic frontiers, and have earned comparisons with the great silent movie star Buster Keaton - although apparently his character was based on the work of French comic genius Jacques Tati. And now he's making a movie: accompanied by his beloved Teddy he's off to L.A. to cause a whole feature film's worth of mayhem in "Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie".

Mr. Bean in the hotel

Mr. Bean high dive

Mr. Bean is late

Mr Beans At The Hospital


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