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Friday, January 06, 2006

Koffee with karan::::::::Kareena & Rani

Koffee with karan -Kareena & Rani

The Karan Johars much hyped up Koffee with Karan showcased what a shrewd mind all filmi people have. There were pleasantries and there was reality, which was no one is anyone?s friend here, not the least of the ones which you say are your?s. Rani and Karan are supposedly the best friend but that does not explain why he inserts a whole dose of talk centered on Preity Zinta in the show, even going as far as having Preity judging her relationships with both Rani and Kareena for a full 5 minutes. Why for instance, was Bipasha Basu or Aishwarya Rai or Amisha Patel not interviewed? Was it a

manner of telling, who?s place is where and you better follow my dictates or else? It also tells how ruthless a mind Karan is, he paraded an entire fraternity of filmi heroines and heroes in this show to tell how powerful he is in present Bollywood.

The show by its very nature is vacuous and hollow. Beneath the ooh and aah?s there is pretty much nothing else. But the oohs and aah?s also provide a glimpse in filmi politics. Rani continuously reminded Karan that she is his friend and Karan would immediately oblige with ooh so Simish soundbytes, ?I know Darling.? While it seemed like Rani and Karan were on a certain bandwidth, Kareena behaved as if she was obliging them both by coming on the show. But she later made up for it by saying ?When I lost Kal Ho Na Ho I thought I had lost a friend forever.? Bebo looked a bit mature but that?s about it, a bit. She simply did not court any controversy.

Rani on the other hand was more categorical, ?Preity has an opinion about everything, she should learn to speak a little less.? Ahaan and that after Preity had lavished Rani with the best praise possible, ?Rani is the best actress of our generation?, she had said. Rani had something for Karan too apart from her usual ?Karan and I will get married someday.? ?Karan when you did not come with the role of Kal Ho Na Ho for me, I went and cried in front of Amir Khan.? Blah Blah Blah.

And Karan said sorry for the same but stopped short of saying that you would star in my next movie. And then came her most famous declaration ever, ?I was attracted to Shah Rukh Khan.? If it were for only this, Rani had goofed up badly but she also balanced in rest of the talk on more political lines although she certainly looked a bit uneasy in front of Kareena who behaved like she was a superstar and Rani just any other actress who needed to be grateful to her for being who she is.

The most controversial thing she said was ?Yes Shahid is very special person in my life.? Infact she went ahead and called Preity a very good actress who did a fabulous job in Kal Ho Naa Ho and deserved all the awards for it. She also said next time she would be courteous with her as she is her senior. Now is this Kareena or what? By the way Kareena?s a*s*s was a one compliment hugging thing from all her male co-stars and looks like Shahid has landed himself in a special soup :p.

Overall the show sailed just because like his movies, Karan packed in enough masala in 45 minutes including support cast from Preity, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Manish Malhotra, Uday Chopra, Khalid Mohammad and one sorely missed Shah Rukh Khan. Nice show, even better packaging and one full hour of nice TV programming, can we call this reality Television?

Some Soundbytes:
1. From Rani Mukherjee:
I am attracted to Shah Rukh Khan
Preity should learn to talk a little less and not have opinion on everything.
I went and cried on Amir?s shoulders after you denied me a role in Kal Ho Na Ho
2. Kareena Kapoor:
Preity is my senior and if she has a problem I will try and rectify it.
Yes I am seeing Shahid day in and night out.
Rani has Yash Chopra which I don?t have.

Some other things:
1. What would you say to Mallika Shehrawat?
a. Nothing (Kareena)
2. I make the best couple with Amir Khan (Rani)
3. Year 2005 would be mine year since I am doing some great films and my role in all the films is great too. (Rani)
4. Year 2005 would be could not care less (Kareena)
5. SRK, Salman, Amir, Saif (order of preference ? Rani)
6. Both actresses picked Abhishek over Hrithik Roshan
7. Aishwarya has a problem with me (Rani)


Blogger ajnabi said...

hmmm fantastic. i really enjoyed wathcing koffee with karan .... kareena and Rani. i love it. i love this show koffe with karan.
#1 show

9:11 AM

Blogger solape said...

rani is a fool,av always known dat she wishes gauri does not exist,so dat she can be srk's wife,but God will not make her wish come true{AMEN} and pls tell her Kajol has 100 times more chemistry with Mr aamir khan than she does.Even Srk n Karan obviously prefer Kajol to her.

11:07 AM

Blogger solape said...

pretty zinta does not know her worth,i mean why lavish undeserved praises on someone who has not even one good thing to say about you.pretty is prettier than rani anyday anytime,pretty should pls stop sucking up to rani.u r both equal in acting,rani is not better.pretty has more chemistry with saif than rani nd she would av done d exact same job as rani did if she was mitchelle in black.the only actress on the face of this earth who would have done definitely a better job to the role in black is KAJOL DEVGAN.

11:14 AM

Blogger solape said...

i luv madhuri dixit becos of her dances,ash 4 her beauty,my favourite actress used to be hema malini,but now it seems i will go 4 kajol,she is the most natural actress in this world,4get beauty or slimness,pls this gal can act,i marvel at her each time i see her on screen,she has the most powerful eyes in bollywood,ash has beautiful n sexy eyes too,but an award should be given to KAJOL DEVGAN for the most natural actress in india and also for the most expressive eyes.am not an indian ,its not as if i have a beef/clash with all the others,am a Nigerian but i and my friends appreciate good acting n we watch indian films just becos of her.SHE IS A LIVING LEGEND

11:24 AM

Blogger solape said...

kajol devgan has the most chemistry with aamir khan,i used to think that he shared the greatest chemistry with juhi chwla,but Kajol takes the pick.this is the percentage ON a scale of 10....SRK-KAJOL;10/10.AAMIR KAJOL;9.99/10.AAMIR-JUHI;9.8/10.SHAHID-AMRITA;9.8/10.AMITABH-REKHA;9/10.SAIF-PRETTY;9/10;SRK-RANI;4.4/10,SAIF-RANI;8/10,ABHI-RANI;9.5/10,ASKAY KUMAR-KAJOL in yeh dillagi;9.5/10.SRK-JUHI;9.5/10.SRK-PRETTY;4.4/10,ABHI-ASH;9/10,ABHI-PRIYANKA;9/10,SALMAN-KAJOL;9/10,SALMAN-RANI;9/10,SALMAN-ASH;10/10.SRK-ASH;9/10,SRK-MADURI;9/10.SO PLease note every one that of all bollywood actresses,KAJOL DEVGAN has the most/greatest chemistry with AAMIR KHAN and SHARUKH KHAN,no one can deny/dispute that,not even SRK with his fake and biased reponse in KWK.

8:34 AM

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